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Personal Righteousness: Matthew 5-7

Personal Righteousness: Matthew 5-7

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In Matthew 5-7, Jesus explains how to be excellent in character (5), pure in motives (6), and genuine in action (7). Learn what Jesus has to say about these three important areas of your life. Follow His counter-cultural teaching on some of the most important subjects in life.

In this study, you will survey the teachings of Jesus on the subject of righteousness. He calls His followers to a level of righteousness that exceeds the standards of the Scribes and Pharisees. Study the passage carefully because Jesus is about to challenge you in every area of your personal life. Some of the topics you will encounter include: Christian influence, reconciliation, sexual morality, lust, self-esteem, the kingdom of God, prejudice, and deception. Discover what it means to attain personal righteousness based on the teachings of Jesus.

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