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Betrayed: II Samuel 13

Betrayed: II Samuel 13

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Second Samuel 13 is an episode in a series of unfortunate events that plagued the house of King David. Because of his sinful behavior, he, his family, and those around him suffered grave damages. There are many important lessons in this chapter.

As the story unfolds, we see the destruction of a young man who displayed a behavior that reflects self-centeredness, lust, manipulation, deception, and self-destruction. Some of the main characters in the story are: Absalom, Tamar, Amnon, Jonadab, David - king of Israel. In contrast to Amnon and Absalom's destructive behaviors. Tamar was an outstanding example of modesty, strength of character, and great virtue.

This story chronicles how a beautiful young lady overcame a horrible experience in her life. A remarkable example of a young person with character and strength.

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